• The new Esri Utility Network Model at Tensing

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    The new Esri Utility Network Model at Tensing

Benefit from geo-information

Everyone uses geo-information on a daily basis. From navigation (Satnav) in your car up to measuring your sports results and finding a good restaurant nearby. Solutions via geo-information help you to understand the world better. This will help you to make the choices you are facing every day.

We make geo-information comprehensible for our customers. We support them in making  strategic choices. Whether it is about the current locations of emergency services or about the location and maintenance status of objects. This way they take full advantage of spatial information.


Tensing ensures best-educated professionals with an extraordinary passion for GIS and ETL. Thanks to our partnerships with Esri and Safe Software, we always lead the way with applications in the field of ArcGIS and FME. Our focus on partnership and the best-practices of the past years guarantee that we realise the best solutions.


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Please feel free to contact Martin Knook for more information on our services. You can reach Martin by phone (240-403-6001) and e-mail.

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Our solutions

Geographical Information

Using location as a starting point for the processing of information creates new insights and patterns are identified which would otherwise not be visible.

We provide and realise solutions to gather, analyse and present geo-information. A Geographical Information System (GIS) is the tool, whereas our speciality is the ArcGIS platform.

Discover the power of location!

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Data and applications

The use of unambiguous information requires exchange of data between applications. We realise solutions that support multiple data formats, quickly and without customisation.

This way we ensure easy data exchange between different applications. An ETL platform (Extract, Transform, Load) is the tool and our speciality is the FME platform.

Discover the power of data-integration!

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