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Optimize the use of FME with a Tensing FME Coach

We increasingly meet FME Developers who have reached their limits. That’s where the Tensing FME Coach steps in. We support professionals — on-site at their location — helping them expand their expertise so they can optimize and “professionalize” their existing FME development environment. The result? An IT environment in which all applications automatically communicate and exchange data with one another. 


The Tensing FME Coach gets right to work with the team of application managers in an informal setting. With many years of real-world experience, our consultant provides advice on how to improve efficiency and then helps carry it out with the team. In this way, we build on the broadening knowledge and the optimization of the existing FME landscape.

Our FME Coach will be happy to show you how to use the ETL tool (Extract, Transform, Load) of Safe Software in the most effective way possible within your organization — both on desktop and server level!


We have noticed that every organization builds and uses data processes differently. Moreover, there is a large variation between the applications that are used. FME is a perfect platform to act as "glue" between all these different processes and applications. Our FME Coach is trained to quickly and efficiently gain insight into existing data processes and challenges to help improve organizational efficiencies.

Added value

  • Process optimization - Process design, process flow, data validation, testing, setting up workspaces, documentation, (version) management, data integration
  • Coaching - Professionalizing and optimizing the existing development environment
  • Transformers - Use of parameterization to make workspaces flexible, custom transformers and their use, uniform reusable building block.
  • FME Server - What is FME Server, FME Server roles. FME Server architecture, FME Server deployment, FME Desktop and FME Server, introduction of web interface, security roles and policies, FME Server administration
  • Training - Training and courses for staff on FME Desktop, FME Server and FME Administration


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Optimize the use of FME in your organization!

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