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The municipal elections are on the way. Wednesday, March 21, all who are entitled to vote may vote for a local political party and the 'Sleep Act' referendum. To make it easier for you, Tensing has developed a map with the locations of all polling stations. Read on and find all polling stations in your municipality.

Tensing maps countless activities every day — from flocks of birds to underground pipes. Especially for these elections, we developed an interactive map with all locations where you can cast your vote. A dataset was used for this map with all participating polling stations (source: 

Go through the following steps to find all polling stations in your municipality.




Filter the municipality to vote in. 



Find your own address by using the search function or by clicking on the map. Click on the desired polling station to see information about this polling station. Then click on “Route description” to calculate the route from your location to the polling station. It is possible to print this route. 



Share the link to this map so that your peers can also see all polling stations in the relevant municipalities.



Click on 'Print' to download (and print) the map with your selected polling station as a PDF.


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