FME Server vs. FME Cloud

Martin Koch

FME Certified Professional | FME Server Certified Professional

Server licenses are traditionally used in one’s own data center. The closer FME is to the data to be processed, the more optimally it can function. FME Cloud is essentially nothing other than FME Servers in the Amazon Cloud. You get one or more FME Servers that are entirely yours, in terms of rights, security and the like. The maintenance and monitoring of availability are done at the system level. The only difference is that this server is not in one’s own data center, but, rather, in the Cloud.

The location of the data to be processed plays a major role in the choice between Server and Cloud. If the intended transformation processes mainly take place between in-house data systems that are shielded from the outside world, a local FME Server is the best option. Setting up secure connections between the data and the Cloud is complex and does not necessarily improve performance. Also, if additional software components from other suppliers are required, this can only be done on an own FME Server on which these components are installed and licensed.

For the set up of services on cloud data or the connection between web services, FME Cloud is a very simple, scalable and cost-efficient alternative to a self-designed, self-maintained server.

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