Tensing starts new Young Professional program


Tensing started a new Young Professional program at the beginning of September. In this program the team of consultants prepares ambitious professionals to work in practical situations. Training, personal guidance and working for clients go hand in hand. This way, we invest in the professionals who continue to develop the profession — now and in the future — and we ensure that our clients always have access to the information that is relevant to them.

After the successful Young Professional program in 2016, we will start again this year with the improved version of this program. Led by Tom Broersen — who also started as a Young Professional at Tensing — Maya Tryfona and Merwin Rook (Geomatics) and Dirk van Gestel (Geo, Media & Design) kick started their careers in Geo-ICT. Merwin Rook is enthusiastic about the program: “In the Tensing Young Professional program you are technically very well-trained. In addition, a good atmosphere and personal approach create a lot of room for the realization of my own goals and personal growth.”


Talent development plays a central role at Tensing. That is why we are starting this program again this year. Tom Broersen himself previously followed the Young Professional Program and now supervises this new team. Tom: “I look back on my year in the Young Professional program with a very positive feeling. This gives me a strong motivation to contribute to the further improvement of this program by guiding the talent of the future on their way to the top. We offer them a very varied program in which our solutions, based on the software from Esri and Safe Software, are central.”


In the first month the focus of the program is on certification. We set the bar high here. The goal is that all starting professionals have obtained their ArcGIS Desktop Entry certificate at the end of this month. In addition to training and self-study with the Esri packages, the development of FME also plays an important role in the program. We opt for a broad scope and we train the Young Professionals in both desktop and server environments

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