New call-to-actionWe recognize that collecting, analyzing and utilizing data has always posed challenges for government agencies. Processes used for many years are sometimes difficult to change. Archiving data and collaborating on files and various databases locally are just a few examples of common, day-to-day practices currently in use.




Intelligence-driven workplaces require a cultural change. To that end, the existing data must first be collected, checked, merged, supplemented, re-checked and stored in one data silo. Those processes and that cultural change have already been completed at many government agencies, and those agencies are now taking advantage of the benefits that an intelligence-driven workplace offers.


  • Store all your data consistently and centrally
  • Gain insights from your geographical data
  • Expand the capacity of your GIS department temporarily
  • Benefit from specific knowledge of ArcGIS Online or FME Server in the GIS department
  • Strengthen the general depth and breadth of knowledge of your team members
  • Ensure that the IT landscape within the GIS domain is “future-proof”

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