Data Science

Has the momentum already passed, before you and your colleagues have gained proper insight into the long charts, graphs and tables containing countless data points? This “data overload” can have all kinds of difficult, annoying consequences for your organization. But how do you ensure you have a real grip on your data so you can gain valuable insights? And how can you be sure you’ll receive an automatic notification when certain conditions change?

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Data Science

Spatial Data Science in practice


View how we use Spatial Data Science at Heijmans.


The demand for technical solutions with location-specific intelligence has risen sharply in the past year, because a growing number of organizations have seen the value that location-based BI solutions have added to their primary processes. Because of this growing demand for location-based BI, the Tensing team expanded by 30% in both the Netherlands and the U.S. over the past two years, and we expect that this growth will continue for the next few years. Read more.

Find the answers that are hidden in your data

Data Science helps you find the answers that are hidden in your data. We link your data with data from public sources – for example, from CBS-Statistics Netherlands, KNMI and other institutions – so we can develop specific scenarios and find answers that are relevant to your organization. View the opportunities we have identified for water boards.

In another example of the value of Data Science, we collaborated with the information managers of the municipality of Tilburg and developed a model that reports on real estate transactions that may involve criminal activity. You can read about how we did this and what the results are, in our case study entitled, “Fast Recognition of Criminal Activities.” 

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