What value do you get from your data?

Data is all around us. Capturing it is a piece of cake for many organizations. But how do you convert that data into valuable, actionable information? Tensing uses current knowledge, smart tools and customer-oriented solutions to turn data into information you can use to move your business forward.



For Heijmans, we developed an app that greatly accelerated the processes involved in road-marking projects, which delivered benefits to their clients as well as to their own operations. Paper is no longer required in any part of the project. Curious how we accomplished that? You can read more about it in this blog post. Je leest het in dit blog.

By transforming data to usable information, you gain valuable insights to advance your organization.

Data Science

Before you and your colleagues have even gained the first bit of insight from your long, seemingly endless data tables, you’ve lost momentum. That can have all kinds of difficult or even annoying consequences for your organization. But how do you ensure a real grip on your data and gain valuable insights? Or even better, how can you also receive an automatic notification of certain changes so you can adjust strategies and plans? Data Science can be the answer for you.  Data Science kan het antwoord zijn voor jou.

Indoor navigation
We all find our way with navigation systems. But how do we find our way around buildings, such as hospitals, large department stores or airports? What is the fastest way to the outpatient clinic, or how do you get to gate F5 as quickly as possible? Tensing continuously innovates with the latest techniques, and we are always happy to help clients who want to deploy indoor navigation systems. Discover how we do this and learn about the techniques we use for that. Ontdek hoe we dat intern doen en welke technieken we daarvoor gebruiken.

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Tensing makes GIS technology accessible and applicable. Our consultants help clients achieve state-of-the-art solutions based on Esri ArcGIS and Safe Software FME.

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