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Discover the power of the Planet Object Detection Platform. We are happy to explain how it works and which models are available.

Some functions highlighted


With the Planet Object Detection Platform, it is possible to select an area within the Netherlands and have the viewer analyse where and how many objects (for example solar panels) are present in the area.

In addition, there are some other functionalities, such as:

  • Measuring the distance between two points;
  • Measuring the surface of an area;
  • Setting a base map as preferred.

How to get started?

After logging in, you can try out the various functionalities using the following buttons at the bottom of your screen:

Use the first button to select and find solar panels or other objects.

Knoppen POD

After selecting your area of interest, click on the 'Analyze Area of Interest' button to start the analysis. A progress message appears and, after the analysis is completed, the result is available as a map layer. Here, the data can also be downloaded as a Shapefile or Excel file.


Below you can see the clear and user-friendly interface of the POD platform.


Discover the possibilities

The POD-platform uses a deep-learning technology (artificial intelligence). This makes it possible to point out almost every object on photo or video and to apply a trained algorithm to this.
Curious about which objects the viewer could recognize?
Discover the possibilities 


See the functionality per model


Demo *no registration required

Freemium *registration required

Premium *registration and payment required

Different background maps

Do you have a specific data requirement for which Object Detection offers a solution?

Contact us for more information about the possibilities. We are always ready to help you!
Measuring functionality

Use of bookmarks

Displaying data demo data only

Zoom to results demo data only

Download result as Excel demo data only

Download result as Shapefile demo data only

Select areas of interest
Analysis on the area of interest
Generate PDF report
Use your own aerial photo
Analyse your desired object
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Do I need an account?
As a demo user, you do not need an account. However, as a demo user, you cannot run analyses. As a freemium user, you do need an account, and you can select small areas to try out the analysis functionality.  
How do I create an account?

On the page you have the option to create an account and set a password. 

I've forgotten my password
On the login page, you can click on 'Forgot password', and an email will be sent with the option to change your password. 
What is the difference between the demo version and the freemium version?
With the demo version, it is possible to view a demo dataset. With the freemium version, it is possible to select your own area of interest and run an analysis on it. The result of the freemium analysis can then be downloaded as a Shapefile or Excel file. As a premium user, larger areas can be analysed, also for other objects besides solar panels. 
I want to use the premium service. Where can I register?
The premium service is tailored to the specific needs of the end user (type of objects, area, time frame).  Please contact Dominique Goes for this. 

Use of the platform

In which area can I use the Planet Object Detection Platform?
The freemium platform can be used with the aerial photo from the Netherlands made in 2018. To analyse another area or other visual material, Dominique Goes may be contacted.
How can I select an analysis area in the viewer?
After logging in, you can zoom in on an area of your choice. Then click on the ‘Draw Area of Interest’ button to activate the drawing tool. You can now select an area by clicking on the map. With a double click, the drawing tool is deactivated, and the polygon is closed. To start the analysis, click on ‘Analyze Area of Interest’.  
When I want to select an area, it turns red and I get the ‘Analysis Area Too Large’ error. Why can't I select an area?
As a freemium user, the size of the area that can be analysed is limited. Would you like to analyse larger areas?  Please contact 
Dominique Goes. 


I would like to select an object other than solar panels. Is this possible?
To select other objects, you must use the premium service. Would you like more information? Please contact Dominique Goes.
I want to use my own image material for object recognition. Is this possible?
To use your own aerial photos, you must use the premium service. Would you like more information? Please contact Dominique Goes.
I would like to be kept informed of new or deleted objects in my region. Is this possible?
To apply difference determination between aerial photos, you must use the premium service. Would you like more information? Please contact Dominique Goes.
I would like to save my analysis results. Is this possible
As a freemium user, the analysis result can be downloaded in Excel format or as a Shapefile. Premium users can save analyses over larger areas.
I would like to view the results over several years. Is this possible?
As a freemium user, an analysis of the 2018 aerial photo can be performed. As a premium user, it is also possible to get an analysis from 2016 and 2017. More historical data can be used in consultation.
What does the analysis look like?
The form of the delivery can be determined in consultation. This may include file formats such as Excel, Shapefile, or a Geodatabase file. In addition, a report can be prepared with statistics and a summary of the key figures.  
How are the solar panels recognized
The analysis is performed using algorithms that are classified as Deep Learning. Deep Learning algorithms are self-learning based on a set of images that serve as an example. The current model has been trained with 6,000 'training images'.    
Do I have to have or purchase aerial photos myself for object recognition?
No photos need to be purchased for standard object recognition, although it is possible to use your own photos.

Other questions?

Other questions?

If you have other questions, feel free to contact us.

  • If it is a technical question, it is best to contact us at
  • If you want to know more about the possibilities of object detection and the premium version, please contact Dominique Goes

Experience Planet Object Detection

To introduce you to the platform, we have set up a demo environment. This gives you a good picture of the solution and how it works in an easily accessible way. This demo is designed to recognize solar panels.

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