Discover the possibilities

Discover the power of the Planet Object Detection Platform and take advantage of the benefits. We are happy to take you through the various options. We collect the objects that can be recognized in an object library, a set of possibilities that is constantly evolving.

At the moment, it is possible to recognize solar panels within the platform. These are then added as a layer in the platform. The underlying data is available as a download in Shapefile and Excel and also provides the surface area, location and address data.

One of the objects that we are currently working on is buildings, extensions and sheds. We also detect the differences between different analysis moments.

The platform also supports video, for example images from a dash cam. Examples are cars, traffic signs, viaducts, waste and trees.

One of the objects that we are currently working on is roof objects, such as dormer windows or roof terraces. For governments, the regulations regarding permits for, dormer windows among other things, change regularly. That is why it is interesting to be able to keep track of changes in roof objects.

One of the objects that we are currently working on is recognizing vehicles. For example: you can recognize how many cars are parked at what time and whether they are above an underground pipe.

The possibilities with the platform are incredible. We are constantly developing the object library of the viewer. Share your needs with us, and we will get to work!

  • Solar panels

    Detect solar panels

  • Buildings and development

    Discover new and existing buildings

  • Video Object recognition

    Object recognition based on video

  • Roof objects

    Discover dormer windows and more

  • Vehicles

    Detect vehicles

  • Your object?

    Share your object needs!

The potential of Planet Object Detection

The number of available images of outdoor spaces is growing with lightning speed - from satellite photos and aerial photos to photos and videos taken with a dashcam or smartphone. All this visual material contains information about physical objects. For example, where these objects are located at a certain moment. Tensing has the technology to recognize these objects on the basis of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and thus to support work processes.

On the website of the platform we show how powerful A.I. can be for your data. Based on a relatively small data set of 6,000 images, we have an algorithm running here that recognizes solar panels from aerial photos. The results are then available on an interactive map and as a download in Excel or Shapefile format. 

Experience Planet Object Detection!

To introduce you to the platform, we have set up a demo environment. This gives you a good picture of the solution and how it works in an easily accessible way. This demo is designed to recognize solar panels.