Milou van der Velden

Talent Specialist

Who am I?

I am Milou, and since December 2018 I have been working at Tensing as an HR Specialist. I live in Amsterdam with my boyfriend Koen.

During my Business Administration studies, I was most interested in subjects such as "Behavior in Organizations" and "Organizational Behavior" — why do people do what they do? And which factors play a role in people's behavior? After all, organizational goals can never be achieved without people, so how do you get a grip on people's functioning and well-being?

This was the reason for me to follow the Applied Psychology study part-time, eventually with a focus on organizational psychology. In addition to my studies, I started my work life at Pink Elephant Education as a training coordinator, where I worked on an entrepreneurial team in this growing organization. During these five and a half years, I have also been able to develop my skills in the Sales and Marketing field.

But why Tensing?

My motto is that you have to do work that you 1) are good at; 2) can learn from; and 3) have fun with. By completing my Applied Psychology study and applying my knowledge from the Business Administration study, I can make a good link between the individual interest and the interest of the organization and play a connecting role in this dynamic. Since I am taking up a position within HR for the first time, I have more than enough to learn — and I am not even talking about the GIS world that has opened up for me. As far as having fun, I have a lot of fun being part of a dynamic, driven and ambitious organization where I can collaborate with people from whom I can learn something.

So Tensing it is 

Individual ambitions and the ambitions of the organization go hand in hand — the result of which is that Tensing makes an intensive effort, among other things, to develop its employees and thereby simultaneously boost the development of the organization. In my opinion, it’s an absolute win-win situation.

Individual ambitions and the ambitions of the organization go hand in hand — the result of which is that Tensing makes intensive efforts, among other things, for the development of its employees.

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Milou van der Velden

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