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With ArcGIS and FME, almost anything can be done in terms of geographical information. Moreover, these software packages are accessible. But: once you start working with data integrations from multiple systems, layers from many different sources and other complex customised challenges, you may still need help to get everything out of these systems.

Is your question beyond the capabilities of ArcGIS and FME? Then we will put our own developers to work to meet your needs! Do you have a Data Science question that you want to set up using ArcGIS or FME? Then we'll put our Data Scientists to work!

Tensing has 30 years of experience in developing and managing geographic information systems. In these three decades, we have learned that there is a tailor-made answer to every GIS question. Looking for tailored advice? Then schedule an appointment with our specialist right away!


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Curious for more details on what Tensing has done at organisations like yours? Below is a comprehensive description of projects Tensing has completed in collaboration with various organisations. 

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