GIS system integration

A minimal number of systems with maximum output. That is an ideal IT landscape. Practice is more recalcitrant, so too in the world of geographic information systems. Proper system integration is therefore essential for an efficient GIS process.

ArcGIS is the most comprehensive geographic information system on the market. FME is the best system integration platform for geographic applications. Tensing combines the power of both software packages to achieve maximum results.

What Tensing can bring to your organisation:

  • WebGIS application that works intuitively for your target audience (colleagues, residents, businesses); 
  • Back-end data integration feeding the webGIS application from all relevant sources;;
  • Transferable work processes that make your work easier and more efficient.

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Tensing best practices

Curious for more details on what Tensing has done at organisations like yours? Below is a comprehensive description of projects Tensing has completed in collaboration with various organisations. 

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