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About Tensing GIS Consultancy

Tensing is a fast-growing specialist in spatial business intelligence. Our organization advices and executes implementations and performs management on geographical information systems on the basis of standard technology platforms. Our specialists can be deployed for shorter or for longer periods of time in order to contribute with their knowledge, for example on issues concerning architecture, data quality, data transformation and integration of spatial and non-spatial data and the (mobile) disclosure of GIS data. In addition to providing advice, we take care of the full deployment of solutions on the basis of the standard technology platforms (Esri ArcGIS and Safe Software's Feature Manipulation Engine (FME)).  

Tensing also offers tailor-made solutions in cases where a standard platform does not suffice. For the development of these custom solutions, we will enrich existing technology platforms with custom components, which we develop in-house. 

Our services are aimed at converting (spatial) data into spatial business intelligence. The power of adding environmentally aware information for our clients is that it can increase customer service, employee satisfaction, efficiency and profitability.

For more information about Tensing you can contact Milou van der Velden, +31 (0) 418 572 800.

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About us

Tensing makes GIS technology accessible and applicable. Our consultants help clients achieve state-of-the-art solutions based on Esri ArcGIS and Safe Software FME.

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With Esri we make maps, stimulate cooperation and analyze data so that you always have insight into your current situation.

Safe Software FME

With FME you can easily connect hundreds of applications, transform your data in endless ways and automate your workflows.
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