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Multi-itinerary route optimisation using FME

Route planning continues to be a labour-intensive task for companies with numerous travelling team members. Many factors, including delivery time frames, driver schedules, vehicle capacity, and prioritised destinations have to be taken into account by the planners. This leads to processes that require a lot of time to implement and update and are prone to mistakes. They are also rigid and frequently hard to scale, unable to take into account the latest traffic conditions for example.

As an alternative, several companies have made costly software investments to automate route planning. Smaller and medium-sized organisations have had less access to these solutions due to the high costs involved.

This whitepaper addresses these problems and offers an affordable solution for companies of all sizes. We have created a flexible, affordable route planning system that is available to companies of all sizes by utilising the strengths of Safe Software FME, Bing Maps Routing API, and the Twilio messaging services.

The whitepaper outlines how FME serves as the orchestration tool behind the entire process, translating and preparing data and requests, employing a variety of APIs and webhooks, creating reports and visualisations, and managing two-way communications in real time. The process of creating itineraries for many agents is automated via the Bing Maps Routing API, and all agents' routes are optimised to reduce travel time and distance. For sending and receiving text messages and carrying out other communication tasks FME uses web service APIs, offered by Twilio.

By adopting a routing solution using this framework a business may optimise its logistics and transportation operations, lower expenses, and increase customer satisfaction by using this low-cost combination of tools. In-depth information about the solution is provided in our whitepaper, which also shows how it can be modified to match the unique requirements of various enterprises.

Businesses of all sizes can now automate their route planning procedures, reduce travel, fuel, maintenance, and driver costs, and increase customer satisfaction by offering quicker deliveries, precise delivery windows, and fewer missed appointments by utilising this low-cost solution.

The white paper is available as a pdf, please request using the form and a copy of the white paper will be emailed immediately.



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