Municipality of Haarlem

Haarlem, the capital of North Holland, has a beautiful historic center. The city of Haarlem is very careful with the historical part of the center. To preserve this, the municipality of Haarlem asked Tensing to help.

The need

The municipality of Haarlem encourages its residents to place solar panels on their roofs, in order to reduce CO2 emissions. It is important that the placement of solar panels does not disrupt the view of the old city. The municipality wants to make it clear to citizens which roofs or roof parts are suitable for the placement of solar panels. 


The solution

Tensing has developed a viewer where residents of Haarlem can see if their roofs are suitable for installing solar panels. The viewer also shows which roof parts are suitable. 

The viewer was created by using 3 datasets. The datasets show if roofs and roof parts are flat, sloped, monumental and if they are visible from the public road.

The results

By combining the three datasets, the municipality of Haarlem has an online and public policy map which roofs and roof parts are eligible for the installation of solar panels. The viewer is on the website of the municipality of Haarlem and can be viewed here.

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