De essentie

De essentie specializes in area development. They help public and private parties to realize projects, from initiative to result. Nowadays, De essentie often has to deal with the nitrogen issue within area development.

The need

Since 2019, it is a challenge to start large construction and infrastructure projects due to the nitrogen issue. In advance, you must be able to demonstrate and exclude that the project will cause nitrogen load to nature. By balancing, taking over nitrogen space from another company, the maximum amount of nitrogen deposition is not exceeded. De essentie of the project is that Tensing has been asked to assist in providing insight into the possibilities within area development.


The solution

To give De essentie insight into the balancing calculations, Tensing has developed a Nitrogen Administration System (SAS). The SAS helps to implement and trace balancing calculations.


Together with De Essentie we gave a webinar about nitrogen problems within area development. In this webinar, Marieke van Helvoort and Ruud Broekman explain how De Essentie deals with the issue and how a Nitrogen Administration System (SAS) can help automate balancing calculations. FME Specialist Roeland will elaborate on the FME solution developed for de Essentie.

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