Esri IMGIS 2024: our program

Jelmer Akkerman

Business Line Director

The Esri International Infrastructure Management & GIS Conference (IMGIS) is a key event for sharing expertise on the integral role of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in managing infrastructure assets. At Tensing, we specialise in helping organisations maximise the value of their asset data through GIS technology. At the 2024 IMGIS in Frankfurt, we're looking forward to presenting three case studies that highlight our approach and results. This blog provides a brief introduction to the projects we're excited to discuss in more detail in Frankfurt.

Tennet: development of Esri Utility Network data model

TenneT oversees a vast 24,500 kilometres of high-voltage network across the Netherlands and significant portions of Germany. The company is in the process of transitioning its existing asset management systems to the Esri Utility Network. At the IMGIS presentation, we'll cover the intricacies of developing the data model and address several challenges encountered along the way, including integration with the CIM standard and implementing 3D technology.

Presented by: Markus Pitteroff (TenneT) and Jan Creupelandt (Tensing).

Development of Esri Utility Network data model

NS Stations: Geospatial Digital Twin Utrecht Central train station

NS Stations, a subsidiary of the Dutch Railways (NS), holds the responsibility for the upkeep and development of train stations. A collaborative effort between NS Stations and Tensing led to the creation of a digital twin for the Utrecht Central train station.

This GIS model is constructed from over 540 drone photographs and 20 billion LIDAR data points, and it is continuously updated with real-time data from IoT sensors installed in elevators and escalators. This project is a testament to innovation in action! Join us at our IMGIS presentation for a comprehensive overview of this exciting endeavour.

Presented by: Remco Bunder and Jean Kuiltjes (NS Stations) and Dave Laurier (Tensing).

Geospatial digital twin Utrecht Central train station

HHNK: deployment Utility Network for wastewater processes

HHNK operates as the water board for the northern region of North Holland in the Netherlands, with a critical mission to oversee the wastewater treatment network. This initiative ensures the provision of clean and healthy surface water for an area home to 1.4 million residents. Engaging Tensing, a recognised ESRI Utility Network Specialist, HHNK aims to explore the benefits of employing the Utility Network for enhanced wastewater management processes.

Presented by: Gijsbert Wind (HHNK) and Jelmer Akkerman (Tensing).

Development Utility Network for wastewater processes

Data quality and migration for utility network implementationS

High data quality is a key success factor in Utility Network (UN) projects. Tensing has extensive experience in data migration projects for UN. In our partner presentation, we share our experiences from these projects. We discuss our strategy for improving data quality that has been applied to successful Utility Network implementations in various industries. Based on best practices, we show how to get maximum value from your data!

Presented by: Jan Creupelandt (Tensing) and Jelmer Akkerman (Tensing)

Data Quality and Migration for Utility Network Implementations

Knowledge sharing is in our DNA

Tensing, alongside our clients, will deliver three insightful presentations at the IMGIS, showcasing our collaborative efforts and specialist knowledge of the Esri Utility Network. For those keen to learn more about our Utility Network projects, we invite you to explore our knowledge base section for a range of compelling examples.

We look forward to welcoming you at the Esri IMGIS 2024

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