FME software

FME software is the best ETL-tool when you are working with spatial data. Tensing is an FME Gold Partner and Esri Gold Partner and we believe the combination of these powerful platforms helps you get the most out of your GIS-data. As Safe Software partner we are happy to help you analyse and optimise your data-integrations, both spatial and non spatial. Need an FME software licence immediately? We can help! Need a technical support agreement to keep you on the right track, or assistance to get up and running quickly? That's possible too!


Why choose FME?

FME automates your data workflow in a straightforward, efficient and automated way. Complex data connections are easy to set up and configure. FME is also indispensable when it comes to feeding your online map, your business intelligence dashboard, or your database, with up to date, quality data. The FME Platform has unrivalled spatial data format support and analysis functionality, it even integrates seamlessly with common industry platforms, such as the ESRI ArcGIS platform, the most widely used geographic information system in the world.

You can connect FME to all of your business systems, internal, or external in cloud hosted environments. Once connected simply incorporate the data into your workflow. This eliminates manual work such as copying data from System A to System B, and it means your team can focus on drawing valuable information out of the data, safe in the knowledge that the data will always be ready to go!

FME's visual programming interface is intuitive to use, so you don't need to be a developer to make quick progress. You can grasp the basics quickly and we can support your training journey to develop your skills. Your data processing logic no longer needs to be trapped inside difficult to support traditional code. Switch to FME and make the task of maintaining your processes more efficient.

What can Tensing do for you?

Tensing is happy to assist you with a facilitated product evaluation. Get in touch and we'll set you up with a trial FME licence and schedule time for our FME Certified Professional to work with you to test out your specific use-case, before you make a commitment.

Need a day-to-day technical support agreement? If you buy your FME licence from Tensing, that's included already. Not with Tensing right now? No problem, we can still support you.

Want to make sure you have appropriate FME training to support your team to get a decent return on your investment? We have a classroom style schedule of training at different levels, as well as dedicated coaching to support your journey with FME.

Need a little more help unifying your data, or need a specific process building from scratch with an FME Coach to guide you? We can tailor a session with one of our FME Certified Professionals and you can buy as many days as you need, so we can help you at a time that suits you.

..and, if you've got a project or a challenge that really needs some dedicated attention from one of our FME subject-matter experts, for a more prolonged period of time. Or you've suffered some staff-shortages during an especially busy period, contact us to discuss how the addition of our FME consultants could help augment your team.

Why choose Tensing?

Our FME Specialists are all FME certified. In addition, Tensing has a culture of knowledge sharing, so we want to help our customers to achieve more, by coaching them to help themselves. Of course, if you don't have that kind of resource, we can also become your managed service supplier... you can just trust us to just handle you data integration for you! Tensing's constant drive to be at the forefront of FME specialism gives us a unique position in the United Kingdom and beyond, with a focus on the delivery of FME services.


FME software products

On the pages below, we take a closer look at the capabilities of FME Form, Flow and Flow Hosted. Prefer to try FME for yourself? You can! Request a no-obligation FME trial so you can experience the benefits for yourself!

Want to squeeze the maximum out of FME?

If you want to get more out of your current FME deployment, or want to make sure you get the most out of your new licence? Our certified FME trainers will be happy to help you! Check out our FME training page for more information!

FME trial?

Want a no-obligation introduction to the FME platform without paying for the software? Tensing can advise on what to deploy, help you with an evaluation licence and provide technical support with your first FME challenge.

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