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New call-to-actionFME is a data integration platform that makes it easy to connect hundreds of different applications, transform data in countless ways, and automate data processes. The platform is used by the majority of our customers to continuously monitor and increase the quality of data by performing automatic data validations and data corrections.


As an FME specialist, Tensing has been an active and committed partner or Safe Software for many years. As a sponsor of the recent FME User Conference and organizer of the FME World Tour, we are committed to supporting the broad and diverse FME community.

Are you new to FME? Then you probably have questions about the characteristics of FME Desktop, Server and Cloud - or maybe you're wondering about minimum system requirements. We are happy to answer all your questions. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions - or contact us and we will provide you with no-obligation expert advice!


Connect Applications
Use FME to convert data from A to B or perform complex integrations - no programming required!

Transform Data
FME is the Swiss Army knife that transforms the style, structure and content of your data.

Automate Processes
The world runs 24/7 and your data does, too! Automate your data processing tasks with workflows in FME Server.

Want to learn about FME?
Do you want to learn more about the possibilities, the purchase, licenses or software maintenance? Please visit our FAQ page.

Do you want to get started with FME but don’t want to purchase a license right away? Try before you buy! Request a trial license for a free trial period. 


  • Support of the team with the largest number of FME Certified Professionals in the Netherlands
  • Invitations to exclusive FME events
  • Always up-to-date knowledge available

Do you want to get started with FME but lack the theoretical knowledge to build really beautiful things? Know that at Tensing we also offer the official FME training courses from Safe Software. Our FME training is not only aimed at the new or just-beginning user; experienced FME users can also refresh their knowledge during the sessions. For advanced users, there's the FME Desktop Advanced training and the FME Server training to get the most out of FME.

Below you will find an overview of the training courses that will take you further:

Which other FME services does Tensing offer?

In addition to an FME license and FME training, you can also come to us for all possible forms of service in the field of FME, from  advice  and  integration  to personal  coaching  by an FME specialist.

Curious about what FME can do for your organization?

Plan an in-depth Q&A session with one of our experts.

Knowledge Hub

Discover all insights in our Knowledge Hub.

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With FME you can easily connect hundreds of applications, transform your data in endless ways and automate your workflows.
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