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Geographic information systems play a major role in the critical business processes of organisations with responsibilities in the (public) outdoor space. To maximise the value of geographic data requires a lot of specialist knowledge. Do you need more of this knowledge in your current team? Then a GIS Consultant from Tensing can help your team, department or even entire organisation.

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Tensing is FME Silver Partner
Tensing is Esri Gold Partner
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Why choose a Tensing consultant?


Suitable expert for your job
Tensing has the best ArcGIS and FME specialists, from Young Professionals to senior experts. So we deliver the level of knowledge appropriate to your needs. A Tensing consultant is always certified, driven and results-oriented.


Quickly available
The Tensing team has more than 70 specialists. Our team has the highest number of Esri certifications in the Benelux and the highest number of FME Professionals in the Netherlands. This wide range means we can always offer you the right expert quickly.


Favourable rates
Because of our continuous investment in the development of our consultants, they know how to make extra smart use of available resources. This results in cost savings. The result is a better price-quality ratio compared to other providers. You can benefit from this!


International team
The Tensing team consists of 12 different nationalities and operates internationally. The advantage of this is that you can easily work with us abroad too. We are there for you everywhere.

Strategic GIS advice

Everything hinges on a good GIS strategy. The amount of geographical data has grown tremendously during the past few years. We find that forming a vision sometimes lags behind daily reality. An external view can be of great help here. We work closely with Esri to help organisations professionalise their vision. Because of our Gold Partner status, we have a great influence on the possibilities. But we look at every situation from an independent perspective and this offers enormous added value for your GIS project.

Excellent data integration

The value of an application hinges on the quality of the data. The amount of geographical data sources is very large in the UK. Selecting the right data sources, increasing data quality and bringing these data sources together is a hugely important step in any GIS project. Our Geospatial Data Engineers ensure that your GIS data integration is in order before this data is visualised.

Customised GIS applications

A lot is possible with standard GIS software. Yet in practice, we often see customised wishes in the field of GIS applications or viewers. If specific knowledge is lacking to fulfil these wishes, one of our GIS Consultants can certainly help you further. In addition, we are happy to help you take a step back: which challenge are you trying to tackle and which tool is most suitable for that?"

Technical application management 

In our experience, technical application management is truly a profession in its own right. Many of our customers have GIS staff who are mainly focused on functional management. When the technical side of GIS management is not invested, resolving issues takes a lot of time that is not actually there because the functional application is the priority. With the hiring of a Technical Application Manager from Tensing, this problem is a thing of the past.

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