Our FME Training courses

“The course was truly splendid. Despite its concise duration, it was packed with practical exercises and real-world examples, making it both engaging and highly beneficial. It was, without a doubt, a sterling learning experience.”

Ahmed Maqbali - GIS Engineer, Oman Broadband

Certified FME Professional & Trainer

FME Form Introductory

Welcome to the FME Platform
Your journey starts with FME Form (previously FME Desktop) where all your automations are authored. Visual programming is at the heart of Data Integration, let our certified trainer guide your understanding of the FME tools.

Certified FME Professional & Trainer

FME Form Advanced

Your deep-dive into FME
Designed for the data professional and existing FME Form (previously FME Desktop) user, our certified trainers will guide you to the peak of data expertise. We’ll focus on advanced management techniques, efficiency, performance and best practice.

Certified FME Server Pro & Trainer

FME Flow Authoring

Getting started with FME Flow
When your needs extend beyond the desktop, FME Flow (previously FME Server) is your application of choice to enable enterprise automation. We will introduce you to scheduling, webhooks, automations, event driven notifications and much more!

Certified FME & Server Professional

FME Platform Coach

Optimise your use of FME
Less structured and more personalised than our classroom-style training, our FME coaching is targeted on speeding up your project by augmenting your team with our FME subject matter experts. Our team of Certified FME Professionals will coach you to success.


Need advice on what training suits you?

Tensing offers FME training at any level. But you may be unsure whether a training course suits you or not. Or you still have questions about the content, training dates, location or special requirements.

Our FME training coordinator is here to help you on your way and answer all your questions. This consultation is completely non-binding.

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Why follow your FME training at Tensing?

Our training courses are interactive in nature and are all about you! That's why a training course at Tensing is more than just a training course. It gets you up and running right away.

Here are some reasons to choose FME training at Tensing:

  • Our FME trainers are certified with Safe and have delivered training for over 10 years each;
  • We train technique, but we also want you to learn from our experience;
  • Our data examples are in the context of real-world UK and European scenarios;
  • You won’t catch our trainers delivering a script; we want the flexibility to customise each course to the delegates that attend.

At Tensing, we believe in the value of training and personal development, so it is no coincidence that we have one of the largest teams of FME Certified staff in Europe. To be true experts, our consultants and trainers have to stay current with the fast pace of technological change. Renewing our technical credentials with Safe Software makes sure we stay true to our word.

Our FME Experts explain

Tensing offers FME training at any level. So whether you are new to FME or a seasoned FME-expert, we always have a training that suits your experience, knowledge and needs. 


Train at your convenience

Our training is offered flexibly. You can sign up to attend one of our public enrolment courses scheduled throughout the year. These courses are all delivered online using a fully hosted cloud platform meaning you don’t have to install anything. Just login and learn. Each course is offered as a 2 day or, as a “family friendly” option, spanning 4 concurrent half-days, delivered between school drop-off and pick-up times, so you don’t have to juggle family and professional life at the same time.

We also offer our courses privately. When you have a group of candidates, a dedicated course might fit your needs better. We can deliver private courses online, but we can also come to you and deliver the course in the comfort of your office.

FME Training overview - Tensing Academy

In this training overview you'll find details of all the training options available from the Tensing Academy. It also provides practical information about our training delivery. Download the overview (PDF) and find out which training best fits your knowledge, experience and ambitions.