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On our FME Flow Authoring course we take your skills into the world of Enterprise data integration, linking up your experience with FME Form, to its enterprise companion. We introduce you to the complete user interface and we’ll of course discuss deployment options too, to ensure you start off on the right foot. Processing power matters, so managing your engine capacity, standard and CPU time credit is a key part of the course. We’ll make sure you can publish your Workspaces, host them, run them and register them with the right service. So whether you’re interested in self-service data automation, task scheduling or real-time data processing… this is the course for you. 

With so much data out there for you to process, we’ve also built our content around unique custom European and UK based examples, that we use in our courses to give you a local context to the course. We use this data so you can see how to read and write data effectively with FME Flow and make new integrations, and of course, all wrapped up with best practice techniques and tips and tricks to help you be effective quickly.


This course is intended for anyone who wants to become proficient using FME Flow or FME Flow Hosted. Typical candidates are:

  • Completely new users that have just been given access to an enterprise FME Flow environment; however, you’re already an established FME Form user (that’s quite important).
  • Users that have used FME Flow for a while, but never had any formal training.
  • Users returning to FME after a break, who want to refresh and update their skills.
  • Managers or department heads who want to understand the broad automation capabilities of FME Flow.
  • Candidates studying before taking the FME Flow Certified Professional Exam.

Our Approach

To let you train at your convenience, we deliver this course in three standard formats. Don't meet your ideal situation? Just let us know!

  • Two concurrent days of focussed training time between 09:15 and 16:30.
  • Four concurrent “family friendly” half days of focussed training time, delivered so not to be disrupted by school drop-off and pickup slots, 10:00 till 14:30.
  • Bespoke schedule to suit your organisation’s needs, optionally incorporating content from several courses.

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Engaging with Tensing...

Our training is offered flexibly. You can sign up to attend one of our public enrolment courses scheduled throughout the year. These courses are delivered online. Just login and learn.

Attend publicly and go for the bonus of being able to network with like-minded data professionals from different industries. Whilst for that personal touch, we also offer our courses privately, dedicated just to you and your team.

Online is certainly great, but we can also do the more traditional thing of sending our Certified FME Trainer to you, and deliver the course in the comfort of your office, in-person. If you need us to arrange the venue, IT equipment and even your lunch, just ask, we do that too!

Training Schedule

    • 5th-6th September '24
    • 28th-29th November '24

    • Bespoke or Private? Just ask!
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Simon GreenCertified FME Server Professional

FME Training overview - Tensing Academy

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