FME Skill Booster Workshops

Improve your everyday tasks with our FME Skill Booster Workshop. Choose a specific topic and improve your skills with Tensing's interactive lab-based workshop. In these short interactive sessions, we'll distil a specific topic into a set of workshop tasks, so you can try your hand at a new technique or capability in the FME Platform that you ordinarily might not have the chance to focus on in your everyday use of FME.

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Who should attend? Our Skill Booster workshops cover specific topics and we’ll highlight the level of expertise that we expect you to already have, if we think it’s important. As sessions are workshop-based and instructor-led, the sessions will typically be relevant to any data enthusiast!
What will you learn? Each topic will set the scene for how it’s relevant to you and the work you do. You’ll get hands-on practical experience in our lab-based workshop and have the chance to ask questions of our FME experts to help solve your data integration challenges.
What do you need? Your own computer, a reliable internet connection and a modern web browser... As our Skill Booster Workshops will take place using a virtual training platform, we’ll provide FME, a licence and any training material you might need directly in the session through your browser.

FME AI Skill Booster

Join us for an intensive 60-minute FME AI Skill Booster workshop, designed to elevate your proficiency in integrating Artificial Intelligence within Safe Software's FME Platform. This instructor-led session will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of FME and its capabilities in the realm of AI.


Throughout the workshop, you will:

  • Gain foundational knowledge of FME and its application in AI-driven projects.

  • Explore the integration of AI services through custom transformers available on the FME Hub.

  • Learn how to interact with public AI services, leveraging their power to enhance your data transformation workflows.

  • Discover methods to run queries against locally installed, non-public facing AI services, ensuring secure and efficient data processing.


This hands-on workshop will empower you with the skills to effectively harness AI technologies within FME, enhancing your data transformation and analysis capabilities. Whether you're looking to optimise existing workflows or explore new AI-driven possibilities, this session is designed to provide practical insights and techniques for immediate application. Don't miss this opportunity to boost your FME and AI expertise!

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