FME Desktop: integrate and transform data the way you want

FME Desktop is used for data translations and transformations at the desktop level. It has various components and functions, all with one goal: to let you integrate and transform your data exactly the way you want to 

Desktop applications
Some key features:
  • Hundreds of data options by 450+ supported formats and applications;
  • Custom transformations with FME transformers;
  • Sleek visual interface and easy to use;
  • Preview data changes.
FME Desktop consists of a number of different tools and applications. The two key applications are FME Workbench and the FME Data Inspector.

3 reasons to choose FME Desktop

Some good reasons to choose FME Desktop above an alternative platform: 


Best Support for Spatial Data
FME has been built to understand spatial attributes and therefor is the best data integration platform to support your spatial data. At Tensing we do a lot with Spatial Data and we love FME for making our lives so much easier. FME supports formats like point clouds, vector shapes, 3D and raster imagery and excels in understanding ie. coordinate systems and elevation attributes. 

ValidationData Validation Capabilities
FME contains great data quality transformers which you can use within your workflow to validate your data at any step of the process. To make things even better, FME will help identify certain data issues and indicates how to fix it. This will increase your data quality. 

ScalableFME Desktop can scale with your needs
When you want to take more out of your data, in example to create advanced data workflow, it is possible. Just upgrade your FME Desktop with FME Server or FME Cloud and you are ready to go. Now you can schedule your workflows, automate them by setting triggers or turn them into self-service integration tools.

Order your FME Desktop License

If you purchase FME through Tensing, you benefit from a perpetual license. Below prices are for a one-time purchase. In addition, we provide maintenance in the first year after purchase. We offer the Desktop License in a fixed and floating solution. A fixed license allows you to run FME Desktop on a single computer, while a floating license is shared by several people.

If you have other questions, visit our FME question and answer page. Take a look at the versions and prices below.



FME Desktop
€ 2.000 EUR
€ 5.700 EUR

Benefit the possibilities of FME Desktop 

Including FME Workbench
Including FME Data Inspector
Including FME Hub
Support of 325+ formats
Including all 475+ transformers
Windows, Mac & Linux compatible
FME Server compatible
Compatible met FME Cloud
Including 1 year free support
Free technical support

Esri Edition

FME Desktop
€ 3.000 EUR
€ 7.800 EUR

Including all possibilities of the Professional Edition

5 extra readers
5 extra writers


FME Desktop
€ 5.200 EUR
€ 9.500 EUR

Including all possibilities of the Esri Editie 

3 extra readers
18 extra writers


FME Desktop
€ 6.500 EUR
€ 16.500 EUR

Including all possibilities of the Database Editie

2 extra readers
2 extra writers

Try FME without obligation!

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