Revolutionising Geospatial Data Integration: FME and Generative AI

Oliver Morris

Business Director

Generative AI is here, and it’s a rapidly evolving landscape, the fusion of AI tools with FME's versatility is transforming how we at Tensing navigate, analyse, and leverage data. As a proud Value Added Reseller for Safe Software's FME Platform, it's exciting to be at the forefront of this transformation.

Since FME introduced their AI Assist tools in several transformers early in 2023, using Generative AI directly within an FME Workspace has become a reality. AI Assist and the growing list of FME Hub custom transformers have meant that using no-code GenAI solutions is an intuitive and accessible process for every user of FME.

What’s Next for You and FME

FME + AI is about enhancing your toolkit, not complicating it. If you are looking to simplify complex tasks, gain new insights from your data and improve efficiency through AI-driven automation FME +AI helps you to succeed.

The possibilities with Generative AI are endless in the data pipeline, from more accurate data validating to extracting actionable insights from documents or images. These are not just theoretical benefits; they're practical improvements that can be applied today within FME to make a tangible difference in your work.

Practical AI for Real-World Data Challenges

Since the introduction of AI Assist, FME has significantly expanded its capabilities by adding new custom transformers to the FME Hub, including those we have developed at Tensing. These transformers enable the creation of solutions with Generative AI effortlessly, without requiring any coding, thereby enriching the FME ecosystem.

Recently, we have developed a few transformers, now available in the Hub, reflecting our commitment to making advanced Generative AI accessible for everyday tasks:

    • AnthropicVisionConnector allows for smarter image analysis using the latest Claude models, which are on par with, if not exceeding, OpenAI’s GPT-4 Vision model. This makes it easier to extract valuable insights from visual datasets, no coding required.
    • LocalGenerativeAICaller provides a way to leverage the power of generative AI models locally, offering both enhanced security and independence from external data services, using Ollama and open-source models like Mistral and LLaVA at no cost.
    • OpenAIVisionConnector integrates cutting-edge AI analysis for images using OpenAI's ChatGPT-4, allowing you to pass images and answer questions about them.

These tools are designed to fit seamlessly into your existing workflows, empowering you to tackle more complex tasks with confidence.


Your Opportunity to Influence the Future

As we continue to explore the potential of Generative AI within your FME workflows, Safe Software is eager for your opinion and keen for you to contribute to the evolution of these technologies. By joining their exclusive beta program, you'll get a first look at upcoming innovations and the chance to shape their development.

Be Part of the Beta Program and Shape the Future of FME + AI

This is an invitation to actively participate in the future of FME’s AI capabilities. Early access to new tools means your feedback can directly influence how these technologies evolve, ensuring they meet the real needs of professionals like you. Your ideas and enthusiasm for AI-driven solutions can help shape the future of enterprise integration.

Become a part of Safe Software's BETA programme

Let's revolutionise geospatial data integration together. Embrace the future of Generative AI with Tensing and Safe Software – the quickest way to innovate no-code solutions with Generative AI. Scan the QR code above or click this link to register your interest.

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