FME Training in 2024

David Eagle

Director of Service Delivery | FME Certified Trainer

Well, where did the 2023 go? I know, it’s not done yet and I shouldn’t wish away time, but as soon as our Christmas tree goes up, I know we’re close. I should note here, for clarity, that I subscribe to the “no mention of Christmas till a fortnight before” approach, and that means no decorations either! A bit Scroogy? Perhaps.

Flat advent calendar with snow and snowman

As we start to look around the corner at 2024 then, it’s a good time for my colleagues and I to put our core training offerings in place for the new year, so we’re ready to go, but more importantly, it’s a good time for us all to consider our own professional development. For me personally, in the short term, that means scheduling my FME Certified Professional reaccreditation exam, since Safe Software’s certifications tend only to last for a maximum of three years… and mine is due. As I hold all four of Safe’s certifications and because at Tensing we hold great stock in ensuring that our team is demonstrably skilled in all aspects of the FME Platform, it’s important to us to keep up to date.

The road to FME Certification does have a defined pathway. Most FME users have two certifications open to them; the Certified FME Professional and the equivalent Certified Flow Professional. They're completed in that order and they’re both assessed with a proctored exam. Also, to save you looking that word up (I had to the first time I tripped over it), a 'proctored' exam is one with someone physically or virtually peering over your shoulder to make sure you’re being honest with the process and of course, yourself.

If you want to become FME Certified then, or if you’re at a much earlier stage in your journey with FME, what can we offer to help support you to unlock the full potential of this powerful platform?

Formal FME training establishes a solid foundation. Given FME’s extensive functionality and wide range of applications, it can sometimes feel overwhelming for newcomers. Structured training introduces core concepts and best practice early, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the capabilities. This leads to better decision-making when designing and executing workflows. Training also accelerates the learning curve, enabling users to grasp complex functionalities quickly and promotes a standardised approach to data management within an organisation. When team members are trained in the same methodology, they work cohesively, leading to better collaboration and more efficient FME Workspaces.

When you buy a seat on a training course, it’s also really important to realise that you’re not just buying the course. You’re getting two added extras:

  1. Time. The time to focus, the time to learn, the time to network with other users and the time to invest in yourself.
  2. …with Tensing you’re also getting expertise, insight and experience. The right certification is only powerful if it’s coupled with experience, so our trainers also work with FME themselves daily. As active FME Platform users, they can draw from relevant and current experiences and embellish our training content. Context is king when it comes to effective training!

Why choose FME training at Tensing?

🚀 Hands-on Learning: Learn how to apply FME effectively in your organisation, unlocking the full capabilities of your data, both geospatial and tabular.

📚 Deepen Your Knowledge: Whether you're a beginner, an experienced user or considering a path to FME Certification yourself, our courses cater to all skill levels, ensuring you gain the insights you need.

🗓️ Flexible Options: We understand the demands of a busy schedule. Choose from two-day intensive courses or family-friendly options designed to fit around childcare commitments. Of course, we can also develop a custom program to suit your organisation too!

Our FME courses in 2024:

Download our training brochure for more details:

Download training brochure

So as the holidays approach and you start to consider what is in store for 2024, feel free to reach out to us if you'd like advice on what training or coaching might suit your personal aspirations for the new year best. Then, maybe have a mince pie!


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