FME Form vs. FME Flow

David Eagle

Director of Service Delivery | FME Certified Trainer

The basis of FME is the FME Engine. In all editions, this is the same. It contains all the functionality needed to run the built models in FME Form (formerly FME Desktop), FME Flow (formerly FME Server) or in FME Flow Hosted (formerly FME Cloud).

The main feature of FME Form is the 'FME Workbench' application. With it, you develop models and data flows. Thanks to FME Form, these 'Workspaces' are executed at the proverbial push of a button. The options for automating this start-up process are limited. For this, you use other software that starts the FME process under conditions.

FME Flow basically contains the same FME Engine. Around it is a framework that allows workspaces to be executed based on various events. In the simplest form, transformations can be rescheduled. Besides 'time', various other external triggers can be defined. For example, FME Flow can respond dynamically to e-mail or data streams from IoT devices. The functionality designed with FME is unlocked on FME Flow entirely as services. This allows FME Flow to become a central hub in an information system.

To develop the transformations running on FME Flow, an FME Form licence is required. Want to try out FME Form? You can! Then immediately request a no-obligation FME trial period!

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