FME Form from Safe Software (until recently known as FME Desktop) is an indispensable tool for seamless data integrations between your GIS and other systems. FME software is the absolute market leader in Spatial ETL. Within Safe's offering, Form is the much-needed tool with which to optimally set up your FME workspace. Already familiar with FME and want to get started right away? Then request an FME Form licence below!

FME Form license

Why should I use FME Form?

With FME Form you bring together all data relevant to processes involving location data. FME Form allows you to link an infinite number of sources to your geographic information system.

For whom is FME Form suitable?

FME Form is very suitable for domain specialists who do GIS analysis but do not have an extensive IT background. You do not need to be a programmer to build FME workspaces. FME has most of the common data transformations built in as standard functionality. To complement that, you'll find a rich library of available additional functionality within FME Hub that you can use freely.

FME Form is used particularly with local governments, utilities and other organisations responsible for outdoor space and/or asset management.

What do you use FME Form for?

To work with FME software, you need one Form licence. With FME Form, you configure the workspaces that integrate your data sources with each other. These can be processes that you run once. It is also possible to set up recurring processes that run automatically every 24 hours. For this, in addition to an FME Form licence, you need a set-up FME Flow (or FME Flow Hosted) process.

Do I need FME Form, Flow or Flow Hosted?

FME Form is the tool you use to build scripts. For one-off data integrations, you can then run this script once.

In practice, organisations almost always choose to set up repetitive processes. With FME Flow or Flow Hosted, you automate the data integration processes you have built in FME Form. With Flow, this is done based on a server as the data location, and with Flow Hosted you choose cloud storage.

More information about FME Flow or FME Flow Hosted can be found on the pages below!

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