Why FME Cloud?


The ability to make new solutions available to end-users in a short time is by far the greatest strength of today's Cloud solutions. The short implementation time and the scalability of these solutions outweigh the other benefits, such as the possibility of lower costs.

With FME Cloud, Safe Software offers its FME Server as a service, a so-called Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS). This service makes the required IT infrastructure and FME Server application available in a simple, fast and scalable manner. With the use of FME Cloud, installation, configuration and maintenance of the IT infrastructure are largely taken care of for you. For example, important processes such as making a back-up, carrying out monitoring and implementing security updates and functional patches are part of the service.

The result is that developers can spend more time on the actual wishes of the business and less on the technical requirements that are placed on such an IT environment.



As Don Murray (CEO of Safe Software) says, "FME likes being close to its data." So, where FME Server is optimized for data that is locally or on the network, FME Cloud is optimized for data in the Cloud. Where that data is in the Cloud? Think of Amazon web services, ArcGIS Online, Google Maps, Office 365 ...

Which rules of thumb do you use when you decide to use FME Cloud?

  1. The solution to be developed uses data that is already in the Cloud
  2. There is a need to invest maximally in solutions and minimally in infrastructure
  3. There is a need for scalability of the solution, both scaling up and scaling down



The use of FME Cloud offers a number of advantages:

  • Immediately available capacity: Get FME Server capacity within a few minutes
  • Scalability: Adjust the FME Server capacity in a few clicks
  • Service: Back-ups, monitoring, security updates, it is done for you
  • Bending costs: Predictable cost model (OPEX) with the option of paying for use



Deployment as a fast experimenting environment

Do you want to test if FME Cloud/Server is for you? Will your organization benefit from it? You can set up an FME Cloud within ten minutes and get started without the inconvenience of organizational constraints. This process is many times faster than getting a local installation working. 

Use as a temporary environment

FME Cloud can easily be used for Development, Test and Acceptance environments. These environments generally do not run continuously. As a result, it can be cost-effective to use instances in the Cloud that can be turned on and off.

Are you done with it? Removing the instance or replacing it with a new one with, for example, extra storage space and engines is just as easy.

Use as a production environment

FME Cloud offers plenty of scalability. That is great, since the capacity that a new infrastructure solution requires is difficult to predict. Because the instances in the Cloud can not only be switched on and off, but can also be scaled up and down in terms of capacity and performance, this offers a high degree of reliability.



At Tensing GIS Consultancy, we are convinced that Cloud data and Cloud data processing are the future. This is why we would like to talk to you about applying this beautiful technology in your organization.


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