Water Authorities

Water authorities have seen a real data revolution in recent years. There has been an increasing number of guidelines and standards coming into the market, many of which require secure data sharing internally as well as externally with third parties. But how do you do that?



Data Revolution

The data revolution is multi-faceted. One of the many facets of the revolution in Europe is the duty to share data with the spatial data infrastructure of INSPIRE. To meet this obligation, water authorities turn most often to Damo or Geonis-blaeu to save their data the right way. Call on Tensing and we’ll ensure that your organization and your data meet all relevant standards. 


  • Organize your data
  • Uncover the stories that may be buried deep within your data
  • Train your GIS staff to learn new techniques and systems
  • Innovate to ensure that your GIS-IT landscape is future-proof
  • Ensure that your data aligns with industry standards

We could go on and on, but we prefer to hear about your unique challenges.

So please share them with us!

Then we will share with you how Tensing will help you overcome those challenges and be ready for whatever the future may hold.

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