Fons Vaneker

Customer Experience Specialist

My name is Fons Vaneker. In November 2022, I started as a Marketing Specialist at Tensing.

I like to use my creativity in my daily work. In addition, I like to work data-driven. At Tensing I can combine these two passions. In the past 15 years I have gained experience in different aspects of online marketing and content. In recent years, I have especially developed in the field of search engine optimization and search engine advertising. I will use this experience to make Tensing even better findable for everyone who can use our knowledge in the field of geo-information.

On a personal level, I immediately notice a good click with colleagues. Tensing consists of healthy people who enjoy taking on sporting challenges together. The first challenge, de Zevenheuvelenloop, is already planned. Who knows, maybe I will conquer the Mont Ventoux with my colleagues in the near future!

Tensing is all about quality. That makes my job, building online authority on GEO services, a lot easier.


Fons Vaneker