Ramachandra Nodagala

Senior Project Manager

Seasoned project manager with over 20 years of experience in managing large  GIS, IT, and engineering projects. As part of my role, I am responsible for Stakeholder engagement, Develop & agree upon engagement, delivery models and project governance.

I'm a certified Prince2® Practitioner and FME, ESRI certified professional. When I'm free, I enjoy coding in.net and Python.

Which transformer have you yet to use but would like to try soon?
I love working with FME to solve my day-to-day challenges where I don’t need to code to achieve my objectives like taping into datasets using API and HTTP callers. I would like to try the Google Vision Connector when I next get a chance to look at the capabilities of OCR against the handwritten text.

What has been the most intriguing data-wrangling challenge you have encountered
As part of a project for a large electrical distribution company in the UK, I had the challenge to transform a CIM-based electrical dataset into geo-schematics representing high-voltage assets. Prior to this, I was not exposed to CIM datasets and couldn’t find any knowledge library that I could readily tap into. In the end, I ended up parsing and building relationships myself to create and transform the CIM dataset into a geo-schematic network.

The FME Bonn UC is in September, what are you most interested in learning more about at the event?
Understand the FME use cases of other FME users and how FME is helping them to solve their problems.

What is new, in the pipeline with safe and where FME is heading in terms of technology?

How does ChatGPT benefit FME users?

When you aren’t working what do you enjoy…
I enjoy coding in.net and Python. I am more of a DIY person

Why Tensing?
I am with Avineon since 2002. This itself speaks to why I like to work for Avineon and Tensing.


Working at Avineon Tensing for over two decades has been so rewarding - it's a company that values and supports my interests and expertise.


Ramachandra Nodagala