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Tensing helps you maximise your organisation’s data potential. We specialise in Spatial Intelligence solutions, which includes the most powerful technology for Data Integration, Data Analysis and Data Visualisation. 

Tensing is your guide in spatial intelligence! No matter where your need lies, for short or long periods of time, for a management role or a technical p
roject-based role, the Tensing sherpas can help your data to work more intelligently for you.

Curious about what makes Tensing unique and how we can help your organisation? Download 'Your guide to data-driven excellence'.


Why choose Tensing?

About Tensing

For over 30 years, Tensing has been a knowledge leader in the field of data and spatial information. We make complex Data Integration technology and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) accessible to everyone. In 2019, Tensing has joined forces with Avineon. Together we have a broad portfolio of data services and solutions. Read more about our partnership here.


We support you with solutions in the field of Data Integration and Geo Information. For this we provide expertise in all phases of the life cycle, from design and implementation to management.

Tensing offers specific knowledge that fits the needs of your organization. Knowledge required for solving a problem. Or as extra capacity, for a short or longer period. Our professionals are happy to help! Read more.


Tensing works solely with leading technology platforms. We invest in the development of knowledge concerning these platforms. This translates into our status: Safe Software Silver Partner and Esri Gold partner.

Within our ecosystem we use Esri ArcGIS to analyse and visualize data. Safe Software's FME is the Data Integration Platform with which we realize the exchange of data between different systems. From our expertise on both platforms we make data more valuable and usable for your organization. Read more.


Tensing wants everyone to benefit from the power of Data Integration and Geographic Information Systems. That is why we guide users towards self-reliance. We offer FME coaching and training programs for building and maintaining knowledge.


We develop smart solutions for specific markets in close cooperation with our customers. Some examples are the 3D GeoViewer, the Planet Object Detection Platform and the Geographic Language Processing Platform.


The Tensing team is the best certified team of all Esri partners in the Benelux. As a Safe Software partner we are also frontrunners by having the largest FME Certified Professionals team in the Netherlands.

Two titles we are proud of! Which is also good for you, because with so much craftsmanship the right specialist is readily available! Curious to find out more about our spatial heroes? Meet the Tensing team!

Tensing for your success

Let us advise you!

A Tensing consultant meets your GIS and data needs. Whether it's solving a complex, project-based data issue or temporarily hiring extra knowledge and capacity, the Tensing team is there for you! Are you interested? Feel free to ask us for more information.