ArcGIS Hub

With ArcGIS Hub, you create interactive maps that are available to stakeholders from different organisations. For collaborations where the same information needs exist in different organisations, this platform is the ideal choice. With ArcGIS Hub, you build web pages on which you can combine text and images with interactive maps.


ArcGIS Hub websites can only be accessed with an ArcGIS login code. Depending on the settings, the map is public to anyone with an ArcGIS account or to a selected group of stakeholders. Some prior knowledge of geographic information systems is required to use the data on the web pages. It is therefore not a citizen portal. This is the main difference with ArcGIS Storymaps, which allow you to inform external stakeholders in a visually attractive way.

ArcGIS Hub is ideally suited for projects in which you want to combine open and closed data. Open data from sources in the ArcGIS Living Atlas, for example, or data made available online from the public domain. Closed data from your own organisation, or from a related organisation you collaborate with. ArcGIS is the platform to collaborate with internal and external stakeholders without running security risks. Open, yet private, in other words.

ESRI Gold Partner

Tensing is an ESRI Gold Partner and has completed projects at various organisations in recent years. In our knowledge base, you will find best practices from Tensing!

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