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Working in the cloud has been on the rise for years in the world of geographic information systems. But: for advanced analytics, you rely on desktop-based software. With ArcGIS Pro, you lay the foundation for your organisation's GIS processes.

Nearly everything is possible in ArcGIS Pro. Its functionality is so extensive that even an experienced GIS professional may be surprised by existing, but unknown, features. For this reason, we at Tensing ensure that all our consultants are and remain Esri certified. So that we can get the most out of ArcGIS software, its extensions and apps for our clients.

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Add a dimension to your GIS analysis

The demand for 3D Analyses based on 3D visualisations is increasing. ArcGIS Pro is pre-eminently the most suitable software package for this. The third dimension plays a major role in analyses related to sustainability and energy transition. The incidence of sun and shade, for instance, is easier to analyse using a 3D visualisation. Also in analyses where the visual aspect plays a major role, 3d analysis is the best choice. The impact of the placement of a wind turbine or a building on its surroundings, for example.

3d visualisation of an apartment building vegetated from a sustainable point of view, with a cup of coffee and physical measuring instruments next to it

From Tensing, we like to support our clients in setting up complex analyses. Our certified GIS consultants know the capabilities of ArcGIS Pro exceptionally well. So well that they can help even experienced GIS analysts to make an analysis even better.

Get maximum value from open data sources

A search for additional sources can greatly enrich your current data. ArcGIS Pro offers a lot of support for combining open and closed data sources. The Living Atlas, for example, offers a rich collection of useful data. But there are many other organisations that offer valuable insights on their own channels.

Avoid reinventing the GIS wheel and look for relevant sources to use for your GIS analysis. Need help getting maximum value from your internal and external data sources? Our GIS consultant will be happy to support you!

Combine the capabilities of Esri apps

The total ArcGIS offering consists of more than a hundred extensions, apps and software products. The number of features is so large that there are certainly functionalities relevant to your organisation that you don't know about. 

The number of features is so large that there are certainly functionalities relevant to your organisation that you don't know about.

Two engineers stand in field with wind turbines while controlling a drone

The GIS Consultants at Tensing are happy to think with you about deploying ArcGIS tools that can improve your GIS processes. For the office GIS team and for employees using a mapping solution on the street. But also for internal stakeholders without a GIS background who do rely heavily on location data in their daily work.

ESRI Gold Partner

Tensing is an ESRI Gold Partner and has completed projects at various organisations in recent years. In our knowledge base you will find best practices from Tensing!

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