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As one of the first Esri partners in Europe, Tensing has officially been awarded the Esri Utility Network Specialty. This recognition is given to partners who have proven expertise in the field of utilities, the new Utility Network data model, and the implementation of services using the ArcGIS Utility Network Management Extension.

With the Utility Network, Esri offers a GIS environment specifically designed for the Utility Industry. The platform offers future-proof asset management with all necessary functionality for network modeling, editing and analysis. The Utility Network allows users to create, manage and share network data from one single platform, visualized on any device, at any time. Geographic data in particular is valuable here, because it enables location-driven support for critical business processes. This allows users to visualize the status of the network and ensures quick and appropriate responses to emergencies and efficient construction or maintenance processes can take place.

To give you more insight into what the Esri Utility Network is and can do, we've visualized how this innovative platform works and its benefits in a StoryMap. View the StoryMap here.

StoryMap - Why the Utility Network

The importance of the Esri Utility Specialty

As a GIS and Data Integration partner, we have gained specific knowledge and valuable experience within the utility market over the years. Our consultants have supported various large and smaller gas, electricity and water companies in Europe with successful implementations of the Esri Utility Network. Think for example of the French company GRTGaz and the Belgian company Pidpa. In this way we help these organizations to effectively and sustainably ensure the security of supply, continuity and quality of the network.

This expertise is now recognized with the receipt of the Specialty. It should be noted that the Utility Network Specialty is not just awarded based on years of experience and the amount of Utility Network implementations which a partner has made. To qualify for the award, we had to undergo a thorough audit by Esri which tested our knowledge, technical skills, and experience.

We are honoured to receive the specialty award, and to be a part of the select group of recognized utility specialists worldwide” notes Otto Huisman, International Business Director of Tensing.

While there is increasing awareness of the great benefits of the Utility Network, finding the right implementation partner is paramount to a successful implementation and transition. The Utility Network Specialty is here to help organizations find an experienced implementation partner. It's like Esri's seal of approval for knowledge and reliability around the Utility Network.

The switch to the Utility Network offers many advantages, but is also an extensive project. Guidance by an experienced consultancy and implementation partner is therefore critical. Without external help and the knowledge of a specialist, the chances of a successful implementation and transition to the new system become slim.


As mentioned earlier, we have helped Pidpa with the implementation of the Esri Utility Network. Pidpa is one of the largest water companies in Belgium. This organization continuously seeks to generate added value through the use of GIS in a wide range of work processes, including streamlining Pidpa's management process.

The migration to the Utility Network was a logical evolution for Pidpa which gives the organization more opportunities for further integration of GIS into all kinds of business processes. Think for example of direct collection of data in the field at detailed level, more extensive analysis capabilities on the performance of the network and replacement of custom applications by standard functionality and simplifying the IT landscape.

Curious about how this project went? Download the full case study.

Casestudy Pidpa
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