You want to guarantee the security of supply, continuity and quality of your network in an efficient and sustainable manner on a daily basis. Geographical data is indispensable in this respect, because it offers you unprecedented opportunities to support critical business processes. This enables you to respond quickly and adequately to calamities, work efficiently towards construction or maintenance and manage the negative effects of climate change.

As a Utility specialist, Tensing provides data experts and solutions to large and small organizations. Always with the aim to achieve a reliable network, efficient(er) collaboration and better internal and external communication.


Some of our Utility references


What ensures that data leads to better business processes and a sustainable, reliable network? Our answer is the ESRI Utility Network. This is a state of the art GIS solution, specially developed for the utility sector. It offers location-driven data and asset management with all the necessary functionality for network modeling, processing and analysis. And all this is manageable from a single platform.
Centralized visualization of assets within the network on a digital map results in:

✔  Real-time insight into the networks condition through visualization of asset locations;
✔  Effective organization of processes around inspection, maintenance and fault handling;
✔  Better collaborations and processes less prone to errors. 

To give you a good idea of how the Utility Network works and its benefits, we have created a StoryMap of it. This visualization takes you from A to Z. 

Casestudy: Utility Network Pidpa

Read in this case study how the proof of concept phase
of the Utility Network at Pidpa went.



The switch to the Utility Network offers many advantages, but is also an extensive project. Guidance by an experienced consultancy and implementation partner is a requirement. 

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Tensing is an Esri Gold Partner and one of the few officially recognized Esri Utility Specialists in Europe. We deliver high quality GIS services and offer a proven approach to Utility Network implementation and migration. So we can also help you with a smooth transition to the Esri Utility Network including the aftercare it deserves.

Want to know more about our approach? Download here the Infographic 'Utility Network - a proven approach'.

Esri Utility Network

Utility Network Calculator

The Utility Network offers many advantages, but what do you need to invest? With the Utility Network Calculator you can map your investment quickly and easily.