Tensing becomes implementation partner of VertiGIS Studio

Jelmer Akkerman

Business Line Director

Tensing and VertiGIS officially enter into a partnership, with Tensing becoming implementation partner of VertiGIS Studio. We have practically experienced that VertiGIS Studio offers a multitude of possibilities to make the power of geographic data accessible to users across your entire organisation. Our GIS consultants employ many different platforms, tools, and techniques to address complex geographical challenges. VertiGIS Studio provides valuable enhancements to Esri software, and hence, we have embarked on a partnership!

Enhancements to the Capabilities of the Esri Platform

Our GIS consultants assist organisations in various sectors with complex geographical challenges. VertiGIS Studio enables us to exceed our customers' expectations in the realm of geographic data even further. This is something we have experienced over the past years while implementing VertiGIS Studio software in GIS environments and other corporate applications such as SAP or asset management systems. 

About VertiGIS Studio

Using the VertiGIS Studio Suite, Tensing builds and configures powerful applications on top of the functionalities of Esri ArcGIS solutions. The platform provides spatial management tools that enable Tensing consultants to visualise geographic data and build complex mapping applications.

A nice addition includes the beautiful viewers, streamlined reports, and high-quality printing options. With applications such as Studio Workflow, Reporting, and Access Control, we exploit even more of the possibilities offered by the Esri platform.

The Partnership between Tensing and VertiGIS

Partnerships ensure that we are always informed of the latest developments, something we have already experienced in practice through our current partnerships with Esri and Safe Software. VertiGIS has secured a unique position in the world of geographic information systems. It has become an indispensable tool for GIS consultants.

If you have any questions about the capabilities of VertiGIS Studio, please feel free to contact me!


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