Esri ArcGIS: visualize your geographical data

At Tensing we combine years of geo mapping experience with the powerful software solutions of Esri ArcGIS. Not only are we experts in all Esri ArcGIS solutions, our consultants are also first in class when it comes to data integration, consultancy, and course providers to grow your own expertise. This allows us to capitalize on everything related to Esri ArcGIS and maximize your data outputs. Resulting in higher outputs and creating improved solutions.  

What is Esri ArcGIS?

ArcGIS is a collection of client software, server software, and geographical information systems developed and maintained by Esri. It is the most comprehensive solution for creating, analyzing, and visualizing geographical data. It allows for the data to become accessible to the public. Enabling everyone to create intelligent and interactive maps from raw data. 

Cornerstones to Esri ArcGIS optimalization

When we begin the implementation of Esri ArcGIS our process is guided by four pillars: maps, data, analysis, and sotware. These conerstones enable us to provide you with the best optimalization of your GIS-strategy.
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Our ArcGIS building blocks

When we roll out ArcGIS we focus on four pillars. These building blocks form the basis for a successful rollout of your GIS strategy.









Create interactive maps to visualize and explore your data. Our consultants will help you apply powerful data analysis, create a variety of maps, and refine your data. Add content from Esri’s data library to enhance your maps. Use standard symbols and maps to personalize your maps. And share your maps with the world to stimulate progress.

Transfer raw data into an accesible format to prepare it for analysis. Input data from multiple sources to extract, enhance and transform your location values. Add meaning to your data by visually bringing them to life. With our help you’ll be able to draw on Esri ArcGIS full collection of over 15,000 variables from over 130 different countries worldwide!

Move past common map visualizations by integrating your location data in your analysis. Answer questions about spatial development by applying the most extensive analytical tools and algorithms. Tap into multiple data formats, sizes and scales to recognize potential development locations, recognize and predict patterns, and to visualize change in patterns over time.

Our consultants are experts when it comes to the Esri ArcGIS software solutions. Esri offers complete SaaS mapping solutions through ArcGIS Online and is supported by ArcGIS online assistant. Besides the online solution there is also a full-fledged GIS computer system, ArcGIS desktop. All of the systems created by Esri ArcGIS are able to communicate and work in tandem. Wether you decide to work solely online, with the desktop application or both, Tensing wil be able to provide you with the tools necessary to excel in Esri ArcGIS.


Map your data with ArcGIS

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