ArcGIS is the number one platform for creating, analysing and visualizing Geographical Information. Data becomes available to everyone to create intelligent maps.

At Tensing, we combine the power of ArcGIS with our knowledge and years of experience. This knowledge is not limited to ArcGIS, but our consultants are also experts in the field of Data Integration. This enables us to get the most out of ArcGIS. And that results in better and smarter solutions.

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Our ArcGIS building blocks

When we roll out ArcGIS we focus on four pillars. These building blocks form the basis for a successful rollout of your GIS strategy.









We set up the maps. This layout forms the geographical container for the data layers and analyses you want to work with. The maps are divisible and can be embedded in apps.

In this component we combine different data layers based on spatial information. This GIS data includes images, functions and base maps linked to spreadsheets and tables.

We carry out spatial analyses that help to assess, predict and understand data. This provides new insights that will help you make decisions within your organisation.

Here we set up the apps that help the user to apply GIS in practice. These GIS apps work on virtually all devices: mobile phones, tablets, in web browsers and on desktops.


Map your data with ArcGIS

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About us

Tensing makes Data Integration technology and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) accessible and applicable. Our consultants realize state-of-the-art solutions based on Esri ArcGIS and Safe Software FME.

With Esri we make maps, stimulate cooperation and analyze data. With FME we connect applications, transform data and automate workflows.

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