Contractors and Architects

As a contractor or architect, you often work closely with a number of different parties, and it is critical that you can share data seamlessly with all organizations and people involved in your projects. Unfortunately, this can be challenging in practice, because data is not always available digitally or it is stored in different file formats. Tensing is your partner in optimizing data exchange so that collaboration is easy and efficient. 



Tensing knows the challenges of large-scale data collaboration. In close partnership with our customers, we look for opportunities as much as possible within the existing IT infrastructure. By doing so, we help customers avoid the high costs associated with new systems, additional applications, and investment in staff training.


  • Integrate your Building Information Model (BIM) into a 3D GIS environment (use our 3D GeoViewer for this integration)
  • Work together seamlessly with all data formats
  • Take the lead in the digital transformation of your organization
  • Create an application landscape that is open enough to allow collaboration, but at the same time closed enough to work safely and securely
  • Transition from a data-on-paper environment to a digital powerhouse
  • Capitalize on digital transformation
We can go on and on about the importance of collaboration.

Instead, we are curious about your challenges. 

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