Automatically detect objects in an area with Artificial Intelligence

With object data mapping, organizations can streamline processes and respond more appropriately to needs, changes or problems. To simplify the process of collecting, enriching and analyzing data, Tensing developed the Planet Object Detection Platform.

The Tensing Planet Object Detection (POD) platform automatically recognizes physical objects based on imagery, such as aerial photographs and video. The variety of objects and types of imagery to be exploited made this innovation unique in Europe at the time of launch (2019).


Why Planet Object Detection?

The amount of available imagery of outdoor space is growing at lightning speed - from satellite photos and flown-in aerial photographs to photos and videos taken with a dashcam or smartphone. All of this imagery contains information about physical objects. 
The POD platform recognizes objects and provides you with ready-to-use insights. This allows you to take immediate action and save on costs and capacity. The area can also be monitored for differences over time. 

Discover the possibilities

The POD platform uses a deep learning technology (Artificial Intelligence). This makes it possible to pinpoint virtually any object on image (photo/video) and run a trained algorithm on it. In principle, we can train the algorithm based on any photo/video in which an object can be distinguished from its surroundings. The result is a wide range of recognizable objects for a variety of applications.

Here are some examples of applications for which the Planet Object Detection platform can be used:

It is possible to recognize solar panels within the platform. These are then added as layers in the viewer. The underlying data is available for download in Shapefile and Excel and also gives the area, location and address data.

One of the objects recognized were buildings, extensions and sheds. Here we also detect the differences between different recording times.

The platform also supports video, for instance images from a dashcam. Think of cars, road signs, overpasses, trash and trees.

The POD platform recognizes roof objects, such as dormers or roof terraces. Government regulations regarding permits for dormers change regularly. It is therefore interesting to keep track of changes in roof objects.

The platform also recognizes vehicles. For example, it can recognize how many cars are parked at what time and whether they are over an underground pipe, for example.

  • Solar Panels

    Detect Solar Panels

  • Buildings and extensions

    Explore new and existing buildings

  • Video object recognition

    Video-based object recognition

  • Rooftop objects

    Discover dormers and more

  • Vehicles

    Detect vehicles

Meet with our Data Science team

We no longer provide services around the Planet Object Detection Platform. However, an experienced team of Data Science specialists is at your service. They can provide you with the knowledge and expertise you need for customized advice or innovations..