Anne-Liet Stroband

Employee Experience Manager

I am Anne-Liet and have been working at Tensing as Employee Experience Manager since 1 February 2023.

After studying in Utrecht, I knew one thing for sure: I want to work with people and I want to arrange things well. I like to connect the dots, go the extra mile and give personal attention. This is how I soon found myself in the world of employment mediation. Talking to clients and colleagues to create something beautiful together. In recent years, I have gained experience in managing, developing and improving various teams and business processes, including recruitment, talent development and making the match between talent and client. 

Spare time
I live with Marten and sons Gijs and Daan in Amersfoort. I can be very fanatical, especially when challenged. Previously, I was often on the hockey pitch and nowadays I play tennis. I also recently bought a new racing bike, which I love to get out of the shed (when the sun starts shining a bit more). But perhaps what characterises me the most is that I love sociability and people around me. With a nice cup of coffee or another drink, I like to start the conversation... who knows, maybe soon with you too!

Why Tensing?
Facts, figures, data... it's all very important and gives us many insights. However, for me, feeling also plays a big role. And from the very first contact with Tensing, I walk around with a big smile on my face, how warm and involved this club feels. With a clear goal in mind, everyone at Tensing works on the road! I am proud to be part of this. Working hard, making beautiful metres, having fun and being successful together.

Every experience makes you grow! You may not be able to control every situation and its outcome, but you can control your attitude and how you deal with it


Anne-Liet Stroband