Anouk Snoeren

Marketing Specialist

My name is Anouk Snoeren. I started at Tensing as a Marketing Specialist since September 2020.

After my Marketing study, I started in 2017 as a Marketing and communication specialist at Plameco ceilings in Zaltbommel. During this period I discovered my passion for branding and obtained a number of certificates in the field of corporate identity. Issues such as: "How / where can we reach the customer and how can we appeal to other target groups?" were the common thread in my position at Plameco. The combination of drawing up strategic plans and designing means of communication ensures that I go home every day with a satisfied feeling.

Spare time
I look for creativity not only in my work, but also in my private life. I enjoy designing corporate identities for local businesses, weddings and events. I can also express my passion for branding here. In addition, I have discovered a few months ago that exercising can be really addictive. Setting goals and challenging myself keep me busy at the gym or at home almost every day. I'm always in for a game night with friends or a good Disney movie!

Why Tensing?
Tensing immediately came across as a professional and committed organization. An organization that wants to get the best out of every employee and also wants the best for every employee. I find it very important to continue to develop myself in my field and on a personal level and fortunately Tensing thinks that too! I look forward to a wonderful, educational and enjoyable time at Tensing.


The future depends on what you do today.

Anouk Snoeren

Anouk Snoeren

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Tensing makes Data Integration technology and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) accessible and applicable. Our consultants realize state-of-the-art solutions based on Esri ArcGIS and Safe Software FME.

With Esri we make maps, stimulate cooperation and analyze data. With FME we connect applications, transform data and automate workflows.

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