Casper Span

Esri Technology Developer

My name is Casper Span, Consultant and Developer at Tensing GIS. Since the end of 2015, I have been working primarily within the Public Order and Safety domain. My personal focus is on the technology behind a GIS, in particular simplifying it. I focus on developing and implementing new functionalities on the Esri platform, with the objective to simplify and make the work of others easier. 


At the Haagsche Hogeschool, I finished my Computer Science degree (BSc. ICT) in 2006. Shortly after, I came into contact with geography within the government domain. I worked as a GIS Software Engineer at Roxit (Merger of Syncera IT Solutions and ECS and later Dezta), including Javascript, C # .NET and HTML, both with Esri and OGC. I have mainly worked with software for the environmental law and soil remediation processes and have had a lot to do with various public sources, such as BAG.

View all variables in the search for perfection

Over the years I have developed a passion for the taste of coffee and the various methods of preparation. There are so many variables with which you can adjust the taste and the experience. With coffee — just like with Tensing — I’m always looking for the perfect solution.

Expertise within Tensing

Tensing is a dynamic company that is full of knowledge. There is a high level of team spirit and everyone likes to share his or her knowledge with others. The team works hard to constantly improve themselves and the environment — and that is very contagious.

Esri Certified Professional
Microsoft Certified Professional
Professional Scrum Master

My personal focus is on the technology behind a GIS, in particular simplifying it.

Casper Span

Casper Span
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