Claudia van de Zande

Young Professional

My name is Claudia. I am working as a Young Professional GIS at Tensing since April 2024.

I did my Bachelor in Food Technology in Wageningen. During my minor in Sustainable Agriculture and Consumption I discovered that I wanted to focus more on interactions with and processes in the environment and therefore decided to do a Master in Sustainable Development with specialization in Environmental Change and Ecosystems. I first used GIS for a project on flood susceptibility mapping, which got me very enthusiastic about the use of GIS and made me decide to continue in this direction of my elective courses and Master Thesis subject. After graduating I knew I wanted to do more in the field of GIS, but felt I could use more experience before entering the working field. This made me decide to do an extra internship for a small Environmental Consultancy company 'Cambisol' where I learned gained a lot of knew knowledge about the GIS and on many other levels.

Spare time
I grew up on an arable farm in Anna Paulowna (Noord Holland). I have always liked being active outside by for example helping my dad on the field or being in the garden with my mom. I am very lucky to also have an older sister, a younger brother and very kind grandparents who I love spending time with. In my spare time I like to do different forms of sports such as figure skating, running, yoga or fitness. I also like exploring new places by traveling, going on trips or taking long hikes.

Why Tensing?
During my Master studies I attended a GIS career day to explore my options in the GIS working field. Some colleagues from Tensing where presenting at this day and gave a very good and friendly impression that stuck with me till after graduation. Once I ended my internship and started looking for a job after, I wanted to find a position in which I could gain practical working experience while still actively learning new skills and the option of working at Tensing seemed to be the perfect fit for this.

Be happy with what you have, while working for what you want


Claudia van de Zande