Elko Langhout

Esri Technology Specialist

I’m Elko Langhout, and I’ve been working at Tensing as an ESRI Technology Specialist since April 2022.

My first encounter with GIS was as a course while doing Earth & Environmental Science at Amsterdam University College. I liked it enough to consider it seriously as my major for my MSc at Wageningen University, but I went for Earth & Environment instead, with GIS courses where possible. After that, I worked as a GIS specialist for five years at the Province of Utrecht, where among other things, I had the honor of working on the nomination of the Dutch Water Defense Lines as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Spare time
At the moment I’m living in Nieuwegein together with my wife. In my spare time, I like to do theatre (mostly on stage, though I did have a part in the web series Geina, made for the 50th anniversary of Nieuwegein). I also picked up baking a couple of years ago, as well as cooperative board gaming, and taking in the beautiful countryside of Utrecht while on the bike. And listening to heavy metal, is the best musical genre! \m/

Why Tensing?
There’s much technical expertise in Tensing that you’re both encouraged to learn from and share your own. The variety of clients in different sectors also allows for varied experiences and plenty of opportunities to bring lessons learned from one place to the next.

GIS and baking have more in common than you think! Both require precision, and they can make a lot of people very happy if you do it right!


Elko Langhout