Erik Groen

Young Professional

Hi! My name is Erik Groen and I joined Tensing as a Young Professional in April 2023. 

While studying Landscape and Environment Management, I was introduced to GIS software. I found this so interesting and fun that I specialised in it (with a minor in Spatial Information Technology). I then had the opportunity to put this knowledge into practice during my graduation internship at PWN. Here, I mainly worked with the ArcGIS platform and FME. 

After my studies, I started working at Alliander to register assets and put them on the map in Smallworld. This includes the large-scale electricity networks (complete with electricity houses), as well as electricity and gas connections at homes and/or companies.   

Spare time
I enjoy taking walks and watching series/movies in my spare time. I also play sports regularly, for example, I play on a friends' team at a local football club. 

Why Tensing?
The many development opportunities - both technical and personal - at Tensing were an important reason for me to choose Tensing. In addition, the goal of helping clients with spatial data issues using the ArcGIS platform and FME really appealed to me. The personal attention and nice working atmosphere really make me feel part of the organisation. 

Don't just guess at a solution to an issue, use ArcGIS and FME ;)