Giel van der Leest

FME Technology Specialist

My name is Giel van der Leest and I started working as an FME Technology Specialist at Tensing at the beginning of February 2024. I am happy to share my expertise to enhance our technological solutions and support our clients.

In recent years (2019-2024) I gained experience working as an FME/GIS Specialist at a telecom company. Responsible for everything geospatial at the B2B expansion team, with the overarching goal of establishing a nationwide fibre-optic network.

Spare time
Most of my free time I spend surfing the North Sea, skateboarding in random dutch cities or taking pictures of other people (mostly friends) skateboarding. If the weather isn't allowing one of these hobbies, I like to go to visit Cineville movies with my girlfriend or renovate our 1922 house in Rotterdam.

There's also a motorcycle to ride, a (quarter)marathon to run, a 3D printer to print mostly functional objects, a small skateboarding webshop to run, lots of places to go surfing, camping, hiking, camping and the list goes on...
Why Tensing?
After working for several years in the telecom sector, it was time for a change. Important values for a new role include a company that leads in FME/GIS, an opportunity to collaborate with geospatial specialists, explore new sectors and learn about FME, GIS, and related technologies. Tensing is the answer!

Garbage in, garbage out