Guus Beerkens

Esri Technology Specialist

Hi, I am Guus Beerkens, born in 1997 in Delft, and I have been working at Tensing since June 2023. I started in the role Associate Esri Specialist.

I started studying at Wageningen University and Research with the Bachelor of Forest and Nature Management. During that study, I first became familiar with GIS and ArcGIS, and quickly made it my own. I was soon known as the one who 'knew how GIS worked'. In my third year, I decided to delve further into GIS by taking the GIS minor.

After completing my Bachelor, I started a double Master's programme, in both GIS and Forest and Nature Management. After following this combined for a year, I decided to focus entirely on GIS and specialise in this, although with a focus on nature management. I mainly focused on the more technical side of GIS, especially programming and statistics. I graduated with two studies on using point clouds for surveys of individual trees in the forest.

After graduating, I spent one year working for a green consultancy, where I was the designated GISser. After that period, it was time to move on to the next challenge: Tensing.

Spare time
At work, I focus on GIS, so outside of that I fall back on my nature side. I practically grew up on water scouting and thus an avid sailor. I have sailed throughout almost all of the Netherlands and I also still train other beginner sailors.

I also love hiking and camping; I regularly seek out the woods and nature for a brisk walk. As soon as I have a good pair of binoculars, I also dare to call myself a real birdwatcher. I also have the luxury of living right in a Natura-2000 nature reserve, right next to the Rhine. A cup of tea in the backyard is soon enough to keep me happy, being so surrounded by nature.

Why Tensing?
Tensing attracted me because the whole company is focused on GIS; you can't get any closer to the fire. They approached me on LinkedIn asking if I would just come and have a look. That left a good impression, especially their focus on personal development and job happiness that I quickly approached them again after I quit my previous job. In the short time I have been working there now, I notice an open and pleasant working atmosphere.

"A scout's duty is to be useful and to help others" - Lt.-Gen. Baden Powel, Scouting for Boys, 1908


Guus Beerkens