Jacob Schut

Operational Manager

My name is Jacob Schut, I joined Tensing on the 1st of March in the role of Operational Director.

I have coached and managed teams in different disciplines like Finance, HR, and Sales. My experience in leading teams was gained in different environments, both on the corporate side as well as on the agency side, and in national and international perspectives. Regarding study, I was a so called "laatbloeier", during one of my first jobs I followed a "Post HBO Bedrijfskunde" study. Besides that I was involved in management development programs during several positions and I am lean certified (Yellow & Green Belt). I get a lot of energy out of coaching people and bring colleagues to a next level in their careers.

Spare time
I am living on my own in Diemen, although I prefers to say I still live in Amsterdam. I live in Holland Park which is a small-town residential area (in Diemen) with modern canal houses, design apartments and restaurants. Less than 10 minutes from the center of Amsterdam which makes me happy. I like to travel, in January I made a mini trip to Madrid and Malaga. The Spanish culture is one of my favourites. Unfortunately, I do not speak the Spanish language, so it is time to learn this nice language (see picture). In the weekends I prefer to make long walks and meeting friends for good food and cocktails (I have recommendations for Amsterdam if you need some). Sometime I make cocktails my self as you can see on the picture.

Why Tensing?
Joining Tensing for me is to become part of a company which is market leader with ambitious plans for this year and the future. Besides that I experienced a warm welcome and friendly colleagues with a lot of enthusiasm and energy. And last but not least, Tensing is certified as Great Place to Work.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started!


Jacob Schut